Zhong Hua Tai Ji Club

Su Hua Xiang is currently the incumbent Vice Chairman and Executive Vice secretary of the Guangzhou Tai Ji Association. Honorary President of Healthy Is Success Business Club. He is a first grade of National Social Sports Consultant who has six grade of Wu Shu, Chen Style Tai Ji six grade and two grade judge of Wu Shu, He is an official Head of the Zhong Hua Piazza coaching in Guangzhou, coach of Tai Ji Quan Association in Shanghai and an instructor of Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Quan. He is also the coach of Bei Jing Hua Xia Tai Ji Association. the head coach of Ming Yang Sport Develop Company

Born in 1953, he started training in Nan Quan, Chang Quang, and Yong Chun when he was young. In 1976 he learned the national new organized various sets of Taiji quan and sword in Guangzhou gymnasium. In 1978, he became a Taiji coach in Guangzhou Gymnasium Coaching Center. From 1980's, he had learned the several sets of traditional Taiji Quan and Wu Dang Quang from Wan Wen De, Yang Zhen Duo, Ma Yue Liang, Wu Ying Hua, Sun Jian Yun, Lei Meng Ni, Ma Hong, Fu Yong Hui, Deng Jing Tao and Chen Pan Lin. All of them are famous and generation of Taiji and Wu Dang. He special in Chen Style Tai Ji Quan and Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Quan. He is the 11th generous of Chen Style Taiji Master Wan Wen De's disciple, who lives in Shang Hai. Su Hua Xiang is the 12th generation of Chen Style Tai JI Quan. (Master Wan Wen De follow Master Chen Zhao Kui and Feng Zhi Qiang learnED the Chen Style Tai Ji and Pushing Hand, and also learned Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Quan with Master Li Dao Li. Through learning with these three master, Wan Wen De gain their precious experience )

Master Su has been teaching Tai Ji Quan since 1978 year, over 42 years. He continues to train hard and advance his skills in Tai Ji Quan. He has been invited by Tai Ji Quan associations, companies, schools, and nursing homes to promote and teach the Tai Ji. He has also set up a number of Tai Ji Quan training centers. And always be a judge and general chief judge in Guang Zhou Tai Ji competition for many years

Master Su has been invited to teach Tai Ji Chuan, Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Quan and Qi Gong for health by Kolibri Seminare and TAO - Schule fuer Taichi Qi Gong in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and other countries in Europe. He has been in Europe for spring and summer seminars every year since 1994. In Germany, he has authored books and produced videos on Chen Style Tai Ji Quan 38 movement form and Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Quan. Each year, he receives students from America, Germany, Sweden, England, France, Iran, Dubai,Austria, Thailand, Australia, Japan and Singapore to learn Tai Ji Quan and Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Quan in Guangzhou. He has trained many local and foreign Tai Ji Quan teachers and is well known internationally as a talented teacher of TaI Ji. He was recently invited to give a demonstration by the Hong Kong Chen Style Tai Ji Quan Research Association.

Su Hua Xiang has won many awards during his long career teaching Tai Chi Chuan including:

  • Took first place in Guangzhou City's annual Tai Ji Competition in 1982.
  • Took second place in Guangdong province annual Tai Ji Competition in 1988.
  • Became a member of the 21st century hard fist and soft fist in northern and southern styles Wu Shu talent pool in 2001
  • Mentioned in China Tai Ji personalities in 2002
  • Made an honorary vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Pei Xin Tai Ji Institute, and honorary chairman of Hong Kong Chen Style Tai Ji Chuan Research Institute in 2005.In 2010 year he gains the honorary chairman of Hong Kong Chen Style Tai Ji Chuan Research Institute
  • Listed in Modern Chinese Wu Shu Elite Directory in 2006
  • Listed in the Famous Masters of Modern Chinese Traditional Wu Shu Directory in 2008
  • Listed in the Famous Masters of Tai Ji Chuan Directory in 2008
  • Took first place in Shanghai Tai Ji Association competition in 2008.
  • His article How To Practice Chen Style Tai Ji Wellwon second place in the National Tai Ji Quan and Weapon and Health Academic forum in 2009 and publish in Guangzhou Tai Ji News
  • The article Tai Ji Quan in Europe and Spreading The Liu He Ba Fa Quan To Europe was separately published on magazine Shang Hai Wu Shu on 2001 year the third term and 2006 year the fourth term.
  • Gain the Tai Ji theory from Tai Ji Conceptionget the gold price in Guangzhou Tai Ji Association 40 Annual Essay and pubish in Guangzhou Tai Ji Newsand Germany Tai Chi & QingGong Magazine
  • Listed in the Famous Masters of Tai Ji Chuan Directoryin 2014.

Su Jian Ming is a member of Chinese Wushu Association and the member of the Guangdong Wu Shu Association and the Guangzhou Tai Chi Association, also is one of member of supervisory board for the Guangzhou Tai Chi Association. who holds a six-grade qualification in Wu Shu,Chen Style Tai Ji six grade ,the second level association instructor, the three level referee of China and has been certified as an instructor of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan by the Shanghai Chen Style Tai Ji Asscoation and is a 13th generation lineage holder of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan.

At the age of ten years old he started learning Wu Shu from his father, Su Hua Xiang, and continues to study Chen and Yang style Tai Chi from him. Su Jian Ming has also studied Chen Style Tai Chi from Wan Wen De, the 11th generation Chen Tai Chi master from Shanghai. He is skilled in many Chinese martial arts forms, including; Young Five-step boxing, Primary Changquan, Traditional Chen Style Taiji Quan Yi Lu and Er Lu, Tai Ji Sword, Chen Style Competition Routine, Push Hands, Chan Si Gong, Peking Tai Chi Chuan 42 form, Tai Chi Sword, Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Quan and cudgel forms.

since 2004 year, Su Jian Ming has been helping his father teach Tai Chi to students of all nationalities and has many of his own students, both foreigners and Chinese. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business English and his fluency in the language is a great help for foreign students trying to understand the subtleties of his father's teaching. He also do the judge for the Guangzhou Taiji competion, Yue Xiu, Tian He arear many times. He is Listed in the Famous Masters of Tai Ji Chuan Directoryin 2014. In 2018 year get the Massage Certificate of Completion of the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, and guide students to do massage for each other after sport.In 2020 year January had been to Germany Verein for Bewegung und Stille e.v. to teach Tai Ji Quan and Liu He Ba Fa Quan.

Su Jian Ming has won a number of awards in the last few years, including:

  • Second prize in Chen Style Traditional Routine in Guangdong Province Traditional Wu Shu Championships in August, 2004.
  • Took the first prize in the Tai Ji Quan division at Guangdong PE Association Martial Arts Festival in June, 2005.
  • Second prize in Chen Style Traditional Routine in Guangdong Province Traditional Wu Shu Championships in August, 2005.
  • Second prize in Chen Style Competion Routine in Guangdong Province Traditional Wu Shu Championships in August, 2005.
  • First prize for Chen style Tai Chi Quan in the Guangzhou City Tai Ji Competition in September,2005.
  • Third plac for Chen style Tai Chi Quan in the Guangzhou City Tai Ji Competition in October,2006.
  • First price for Chen style Sword in the Guangzhou City Tai Ji Competition in February,2007.
  • Second prize in Chen Style Competion Routine in Guangdong Province Traditional Wu Shu Championships in August, 2009.
  • Pass the Shang Hai coach exam and get the certificate throug Shang Hai Chen Style Tai Ji Association in November, 2009.
  • Second price for Chen style and Third price for tradional weapon in Guangdong Province Traditional Wu Shu Championships in August, 2011.
  • First Price for Chen style Routine in Guanghzou Citizen Take Excise with Tai Ji Quan and Sword Competion in Jun, 2014.
  • Golden prize in 2018 The 11th Guangdong Wushu Classic Competition in July.

Mr. Eliot Cline is an American who has studied Tai Chi Chuan since 1981. Firstly Yang Style Tai Chi in California, USA with Gavin Cheng. He studied the Taiwanese Chen Style in the late 1980's with Master Tu Zong-ren, in Taipei, Taiwan, and Yang Style Tai Chi with various disciples of Tung Ying Jie in Bangkok, Thailand.

He first studied with Master Su Hua Xiang in 2002 and has travelled to China numerous times since to continue his study of traditional Chen Style Tai Chi. He was formally accepted as Su Hua Xiang 's disciple in April, 2011 and included in the Chen Tai Chi lineage (13th generation) in 2012. Mr. Cline now devotes all his energies to improving his Chen Style Tai Chi.

Mr. Eliot Cline lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he works as a software engineer. He teaches Tai Chi to beginning and intermediate level students at the Suan Non Sri housing estate a few kilometers from the city center.

Mr. Eliot Cline teaches:

  • Yang style 8 movement form
  • Chen style 13 movement short form
  • Chen style Yi Lu 83 movement form
  • Chan Si Gong (Silk Reeling) exercises
  • Basic pushing hands (Tui Shou) drills

Jaime Cowley is a formal Australian apprentice of Master Su Huaxiang and inheritor of Chen Tai Chi (13th generation). She is currently teaching in Liverpool, United Kingdom, and is registered under the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association.

has been studying martial arts since she was a child and lived in China for half a decade to learn Taiji from masters Su Hua Xiang and other master teacher of kung fu include Wingchun Fist, Baji Fist and Jingangli Qigong. In the year 2019, having moved to the UK after her travels in China, Jaime teaches martial arts in Liverpool.

“My calling to martial arts came when I was quite young, I found so much joy in the practice and felt it to be the most intuitive form of self expression for me. Over the years my relationship with martial arts has developed and I have gained an appreciation for its usefulness in all areas of life. It has confronted me in sparring, shown a beautiful stillness in qigong, and all the parts in between. I hope to share this fierce beauty with as many people as I can.” --Jaime Cowley

Some of her achievements so far:

  • 2014 Yantai Wushu Competition, in Shandong Province, China (Baji Fist Xiao Jia, gold)
  • 2018 Foshan Wushu Competition, in Guangdong Province, China (Chen Style Taiji fist and straight sword, gold and gold)
  • 2019 Guo Style Wing Chun Masters’ Certificate Level II and Baji Fist Masters’ Certificate Level III, in Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy in Shandong Province, China.
  • 2019 Muping District Wushu Exhibition, in Shandong Province, China (Wing Chun Fist Xun Qiao, gold)